Ultrasonic Bat Repeller - Imported from USA

by Usa Suplementos
Save 22%
  • Ultrasonic repellent with Ultra Intense Repeat Technology
  • Latest technology and improved speakers transmit ultrasonic and bat repellent sounds
  • Dual speakers project two powerful streams of ultrasonic sound, creating an unbearably chaotic environment for unrivaled bat control
  • Multiple bat repelling options, including chaotic and variable modes for targeting, confusion and bat power
  • Looking for a simple, easy-to-use electronic bat repellent that is second to none for bat control in your home or business?

    EASY TO USE Simply plug into any 120v outlet and immediately begin repelling the e-baton with its unparalleled, state-of-the-art ultrasonic generation technology.

    CHEMICAL FREE It is environmentally friendly as it uses chemical free ultrasonic sounds to electronically repel unwanted bats from areas. Ultrasonic sounds are beyond the hearing range of humans, cats, dogs and birds, so you and your pets won't notice anything.

    Scientific research has found that ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of common pests. The enhanced speakers emit a wide range of ultrasonic sounds unrivaled in electronic bat control! The variable sounds ensure that bats cannot develop immunity to sounds.

    ECOLOCATION DYSFUNCTION The ultrasonic sounds generated by this device disrupt the bats' ability to communicate, irritate their nervous system and drive them away. In addition, ultrasonic frequencies interfere with echolocation navigation in bats.