FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera for Android USB-C (Gen 3)

by Usa Suplementos
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  • The powerful thermal imaging camera lets you see in complete darkness, find problems around the house and explore your world in a whole new way.
  • FLIR ONE app - NEW - NO USER REGISTRATION REQUIRED - is free and features exclusive content, real-time tips and tricks, and easy sharing of thermal images and videos on social media
  • FLIR ONE lets you see and measure temperature differences accurately and from a safe distance. Battery charging time - 40min. Battery Life - Approximately 1 hour
  • Exclusive MSX technology combines thermal and visible spectrum for more details and improved resolution, because two cameras are better than one
  • This product is for commercial purposes only and is exported under US regulations to US non-military end users and military end uses.
  • Compatible with Android phones with a USB-C port. The FLIR ONE PRO LT Micro USB model is recommended for Android phones with a Micro USB port.